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21 April 2015

British Railways & Afterwards

The chronology is split into a general section followed by sections of line.

General Section

Date Event Source
1 January 1948 All lines vested in British Transport Commission and placed in the Eastern Operating Area.

Melton Constable (exclusive) to Norwich City

Date Event Source
12 September 1960 Themelthorpe Curve into use, line from Melton to Themelthorpe abandoned. Mike Back
19 October 1962 Norwich City signal box closed, yard connections remodelled. Tyer's tablets replaced by Key Token from Drayton with a 'no signalman' instrument in a hut on the down side at the north end of Norwich Yard; released by Drayton and operated by train crew or yard staff.
1-lever ground frame released by key token provided at north end working points from Single Line to No.1 Spur.
Mike Back
1 February 1965 Attlebridge Goods Yard closed, ground frame taken out of use. Mike Back
15 April 1965 Attlebridge Up and Down Home signals removed, Distants remain, these and gate locks still worked by cabin. Mike Back
22 April 1965 Attlebridge Up Distant renewed in same position. Mike Back
5 December 1966 Whitwell & Reepham signal box closed; key token section now Aylsham (GE) to Lenwade. Mike Back
16 October 1967 Key Token working Drayton to Norwich abolished; line worked as a siding. Mike Back
11 July 1968 Drayton signal box abolished; Lenwade to Norwich worked as a siding.
Tablet releases for ground frames at Lenwade replaced by Annett's key.
Mike Back
24 February 1969 Lenwade to Norwich closed; buffers provided 420 yards Norwich side of southernmost single line connection at Lenwade. Mike Back
20 December 1973 Aylsham (GE) and Lenwade signal boxes closed; line worked from Wroxham by Train Staff. Mike Back
September 1981 Last service train to Lenwade. Mike Back
16 May 1983 Special weedkiller working to Lenwade. Mike Back
16 June 1983 Line officially closed. Mike Back