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16 January 2017

These pages are inspired by the Friends of Malvern Railways, a special interest group of Malvern Civic Society.



given are those that reached me. In may cases these are 'secondary' and need replacing with 'primary' source information.

Other Information

about the railways of Malvern has been gathered together and can be viewed by following this link.

Opening Dates

These can be quite difficult to establish accurately, especially for the early years, as officially announced dates may have been anticipatory and not achieved. Similarly, advertisements in the media can only be indicative unless a specific date is quoted - and then see the previous sentence.

Also, where the media is concerned never lose sight of their most important mantra: "never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Especially where it increases sales!

Closure Dates

Official closure dates relating to railways are usually given as "on and from" and the despatch of parcels and goods to the location was ceased a few days earlier to prevent traffic being left in transit and limbo. Last trains normally ran the day before and only any necessary train to clear wagons and stock would be run on or after the official date. Where closure was from a Monday and no Sunday service was scheduled to run then last trains would run two days earlier. This situation is not always appreciated by writers of books and magazine articles and closure dates sometimes descend into confusion as a result.