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3 October 2016

Spalding & Bourn Railway

Date Event Source
7 November 1861 Spalding & Bourn Railway gave notice to make Railways:
  1. Railway No.1 from a junction with the Great Northern Railway at Spalding to a junction with the Bourn and Essendine Railway at Bourn,
  2. Railway No.2 from a junction with Railway No.1 by Horse Shoe Road to a junction with the Norwich and Spalding Railway at Thomazine Lane.

  3. also:
  4. Running powers into Spalding station,
  5. Running powers into Bourn station,
  6. Co-operation of the Great Northern, Norwich and Spalding, Lynn and Sutton Bridge, & Bourn and Essendine railways to book passengers etc.

* Thomazine Lane, Spalding, was later renamed St Thomas's Road and appears thus on the 1888 Ordnance Survey map.
London Gazette, 22 November 1861, pages 4773-4774.
29 July 1862 Royal assent given to Spalding & Bourn Railway Act 1862. London Gazette, 1 August 1862, page 3828.
RM 1936-9
12 November 1863 Great Eastern Northern Junction Railway gave notice to make railways (including):
Railway No.1 from Owston, Yorkshire, to a junction with the St Ives and Cambridge line of the Great Eastern Railway at a point between Long Stanton and Swavesey
Railway No.13 a branch from Railway No.1 to a junction with the Spalding & Bourn Railway near the point where it is intended to cross Car Dyke.
London Gazette, 24 November 1863, pages 5781-5784.
25 July 1864 Royal assent given to Great Northern Railway Act 1864 which amalgamated the Bourn and Essendine Railway with the Great Northern Railway. Act of Parliament
23 July 1866 Vested in Midlands & Eastern Railway. Warren.

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