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26 January 2017

Norfolk & Suffolk Joint Railway

This was a joint venture between the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway and the Great Eastern Railway.

Date Event Source
18th March 1897 Agreement between M&GN and Great Eastern Railway. Agreement formed part of the 1898 Act below.  
25th July 1898 Royal assent given to Great Eastern and Midland & Great Northern Joint Committee Act 1898 confirmed and gave effect to certain Heads of Agreement between the companies; also formally sanctioned the formation of The Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railways Committee.
  • Ratified the agreement of 18 March 1897.
  • Authorised transfer of the Mundesley branch from the M&GN to the Norfolk & Suffolk Committee.
  • Authorised the links from Cromer Junction to Roughton Road and from Newstead Lane to Runton West Junction and allowed the GER access to Sheringham station.
  • Authorised the Yarmouth connecting line at North Gorleston.
  • Gave rights to both M&GN and GER to run trains over the N&S lines and into Lowestoft passenger and goods stations.
  • Withdrawal of the Austin Street Branch bill submitted for the 1897 parliamentary session.
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Act of Parliament.
1899 Great Eastern (General Powers) Act 1899.  
1900 Royal assent given to Great Eastern (General Powers) Act 1900 included powers to take additional lands at Gorleston and allowed extension of time to complete railway no.2 authorised by the Midland & Greath Northern Act of 1898 and to deviate part of that railway. Act of Parliament.
1902 Great Eastern Act 1902.  
30th June 1903 Royal assent given to Midland Railway Act 1903 which authorised acquisition of additional lands on the east side of Mundesley station.
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Act of Parliament.
13 July 1903 Yarmouth to Lowestoft opened. RM 1936-9.
22nd July 1904 Royal assent given to Great Eastern Railway Act 1904 authorised transfer of Cromer Junction to West Runton to the Committee.
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Act of Parliament.
3 August 1906 Mundesley to Cromer opened. RM 1936-9.
1 March 1907 Overstrand and Trimingham opened for goods, livestock and mineral traffic. GNR Order 760.
18th June 1908 Royal assent given to Great Eastern Railway Act 1908 including extension of time to sell surplus lands.
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Act of Parliament.
15th August 1913 Royal Assent given to Great Northern Railway Act 1913. Authorised purchase of additional lands near Hall Road Bridge in Cromer. Act of Parliament.
31 December 1947 Last day of independent existence. Transport Act 1947.

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